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We create video stories uncommonly well. Studio Sage is an award-winning, full-service video production company based in Chicago. We’re video storytellers with creative and production backgrounds who are passionate about creating replay-worthy content for brand audiences. Think of us as an expert extension of your team, collaborating through a lens of partnership to support any phase of your video journey.

In our industry, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Operating from a lens of creative agility, our talented team collaborates with yours to capture the big picture and the tiny details — all within vision and budget.

Our robust roster of production specialists and multidisciplinary creatives work adeptly with any format, medium, and phase of your video journey. 




We work with you to produce high-quality, captivating content for your event. From dynamic sizzle reels and engaging sponsor videos to heartfelt attendee testimonials, our team crafts content that not only meets but elevates your event goals.



We specialize in creating high-quality product videos that make your offerings shine. Our team expertly crafts detailed demos, captivating promotional videos, and shareable social media content that highlight your product’s unique features and drive brand engagement.



We excel in producing top-tier corporate videos that enhance your internal communications and showcase your company’s identity. Whether it be comprehensive company profiles or effective training and instructional videos, our team delivers content that strengthens your corporate message and supports your organizational goals.



  • Project management
  • Creative concept development
  • Talent outreach


  • Content capture
  • Graphic animation development
  • Production logistics


  • Post-production editing
  • Platform publishing
  • Captioning


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