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Thoughts - June 13, 2024

5 Tips for Creating Locally-Driven Videos



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As video marketers, we tend to think of video in terms of views. But, the true power of video content lies in its viewers — and the ability to resonate with them on a personal level. This is where the magic of tailoring videos for local audiences comes into play. By tapping into the unique cultural, linguistic and emotional landscape of a local market, brands can create content that truly connects and captivates.

At Studio Sage, we know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it in the world of video marketing. When we create video stories, we approach them through an audience-first lens. 

Keep reading for our top five strategies to help you tailor your video content in a way that’s local and impactful.

Understand the Local Culture

The story is in the setting. And cultural sensitivity is paramount; it shows respect and appreciation for your audience’s way of life. Dive into the customs, traditions and values that define your target market. 

For instance, a successful campaign in Japan might emphasize harmony and community, reflecting the cultural value of group cohesion. In contrast, a campaign in the United States might focus on individualism and personal success. 

By aligning your content with these cultural touchstones, you’ll create videos that feel genuine and relatable, fostering a stronger connection with your audience.

Localize Visual and Audio Elements 

Visual and audio elements are powerful storytelling tools that can make or break your localized video content. By incorporating familiar landmarks, symbols, and cultural artifacts, you create a visual language that your audience understands and feels attached to. Think: iconic locations, traditional clothing, or even popular local foods.

A travel video targeting New Yorkers might feature the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and yellow taxis, while a similar video for Parisians would showcase the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, and cozy sidewalk cafes. These visual cues instantly signal to viewers that the content is relevant to their locale.

Audio elements are equally important. Using local music, accents and sound bites can evoke a sense of place and mood. A campaign in Brazil might feature samba rhythms, while one in India might incorporate Bollywood-style music. These audio choices not only enhance the viewing experience but also help to anchor the content in the local culture.

Address Local Needs and Interests

Keep it topical. To truly engage local audiences, your content should aim to mirror what matters most to them, and craft messages that speak directly to those concerns. Conducting local market research is essential to uncover these insights.

For example, if you’re marketing a healthcare product in a region with a high prevalence of a particular health issue, your videos should highlight how your product addresses that specific concern. Similarly, if environmental sustainability is a major topic in a certain area, emphasize your company’s green practices and initiatives.

Tailored messaging demonstrates that you understand and care about the issues that affect your audience’s daily lives, building trust and positioning your brand as a community voice.

Leverage Local Influencers and Testimonials

Local influencers can be powerful allies. They bring authenticity and credibility — and loyal followers who trust their opinions and recommendations. Partnering with influencers who are well-respected in the local community can help amplify your message and cast a wider net. 

Featuring real people sharing their positive experiences with your brand is key to building trust and relatability, and serves as social proof for potential customers.

When choosing influencers and testimonials, look for individuals who not only align with your brand values and have a strong connection with their followers, but are valued voices within your target audience.     

Lean into Local Trends and Events

Be in tune with the times. Staying current with local trends and events can significantly boost the relevance and appeal of your video content, so don’t skip research on popular local trends, from fashion and technology to social media challenges and viral topics. Integrating these trends into your videos can make your content feel fresh and up-to-date.

Capitalizing on local events such as festivals, holidays, and community gatherings are highly engaging content opportunities to celebrate these events or offer related promotions. Actions like these show that your brand is an active part of the local scene and community.

For instance, a food brand might create a video around a local food festival, featuring popular dishes and local chefs to not only highlight the brand’s products but also connect with the audience’s calendar and cravings.


Insight, creativity and a deep understanding of the market — infuse them all in your next locally-driven video. By respecting local culture, incorporating familiar visual and audio elements, talking topically and staying current with the local color, you’re on your way to elevating your video marketing game.

At Studio Sage, we’re passionate about helping brands unlock the full potential of personalized video marketing. Our expertise and fresh perspectives ensure that your content not only stands out but also connects on a deeper level with your audience.

Ready to elevate your video marketing game? Let’s work together.

About the author

Becca Zarchy

Associate Marketing Manager

As Associate Marketing Manager at EA Collective, Becca leads efforts to create and curate content across Agency EA, Storyhorse, and Studio Sage.