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Thoughts - August 10, 2023

The Lollapalooza 2023 Review: Livestream Edition



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In the post-pandemic era where physical attendance isn’t always an option, livestreams have emerged to bridge the gap between remote fans and their favorite live performances. For the fourth year in a row, Lollapalooza has made its virtual return to Hulu as the festival’s official livestream partner — providing an avenue for attendees to revel in the experience for free by accessing their Hulu account or opting into a free seven-day trial. 

We sat down with Studio Sage’s very own Kate Whalley, Director of Production and Emma Tigerman, Graphic Designer at Agency EA (our sister division) to get the scoop on what rocked and what took them by surprise in this year’s virtual experience, with a few pro tips on incorporating a livestream element into future events. 

Virtually exclusive

One of the standout features of the Lollapalooza livestream was its ability to create an immersive, front-row experience for viewers. Despite the virtual limitations, carefully curated shots, exclusive close-ups and seamless editing drew fans into each performance with a digital advantage over in-person attendees. 

“When you’re in person, you never know the scale of the experience,” Emma Tigerman shared.  “You wouldn’t get the production value in person that you could only get on Hulu. The livestream offered different camera angles and vantage points that you could not have gotten as an in person attendee,” Kate Whalley added.  

Other-worldly graphics

The Lollapalooza look and feel is key to how the event evolves and refreshes with every edition, and this year’s visual identity was no different. Prominently displayed on the virtual platform, a graphics guru herself, Emma commented how impressed she was by the creative implementation. “The on-screen graphics were incredible. I was inspired by all the lower-thirds, PIPs, and transitions.”

Live from your sofa 

“You can have a more personalized experience by picking and choosing what performances you tune into. I came for Maggie Rogers because she’s my favorite artist,” Kate explained. Without having to spend the extra dollars or navigate unexpected weather, the livestream experience is accessible and customizable — reaching a much wider festival fanbase.  

Our top recommendations for livestreams that go beyond broadcast:

  1. Incorporate unique engagement opportunities  on the online platform that make attendees feel like they are a part of the audience. 
  2. Consider a dedicated host or MC to help navigate the run of show, providing commentary and being transparent with online viewers in case of delays and changes. 
  3. Offer an exclusive online shopping experience for merch — a compelling choice over the in-person long lines and carrying purchases all day. 


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