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Thoughts - August 22, 2023

6 Ways to Boost Your Video Marketing Workflow with AI



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It’s nearly a year since the official dawn of AI and the buzz doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. If anything, AI is dominating the digital landscape — from content and analytics to SaaS. Constantly evolving and exponentially generative, the most significant advantages of AI in video marketing is that it can significantly reduce the cost and time required to produce video content. According to Research and Markets, “The growing adoption of video content in marketing strategy is resulting in the need for AI-powered video tools to enrich the videos generated for marketing purposes.” (Research and Markets). 

Video is a top performer in content marketing, and AI is already simplifying and scaling production capabilities that typically require skilled human hands. Though the machine is still learning, we’ve already tried and tested the impressive auto-piloting powers of AI — here are the top AI-powered workflow efficiencies for video marketing:

Content Generation and Enhancement

    • Automated Video Creation: AI-powered tools can generate videos from existing content, like blog posts or articles, by converting texts into scripts, selecting relevant images or footage and adding voice-overs or text-to-speech narration.
    • Video Enhancement:  AI can enhance video quality, correct color and lighting, stabilize shaky footage and remove background noise, improving the overall visual and auditory experience. More on this later! 

Personalization and Targeting (something that Netflix and Spotify have been doing and perfecting for years).

    • Audience Segmentation: AI can analyze behavior and preferences to segment your audience effectively, allowing you to create tailored video content that resonates with specific audiences. 
    • Dynamic Content: AI can generate personalized videos by swapping out different elements (such as text, images or scenes) based on viewer data, creating a more personalized experience for each viewer.

Automated Editing and Post-Production

    • Automated Editing: AI-powered tools can be prompted to analyze raw footage and assemble them into a coherent video, trimming unnecessary content, and adding transitions, text overlays and music.
    • Auto-Transcribing: AI can transcribe spoken words in videos, making it easier to create captions, subtitles and searchable content.

Keyword and Trend Analysis

    • SEO Optimization: AI can analyze viewer engagement metrics like click-through rates, watch and drop-off times, and social media shares to help you understand which parts of your videos are more or less engaging.
    • Heatmaps and Attention Analysis: AI can generate heatmaps that show where viewers are most focused within a video, helping you optimize content placement. 

Automated distribution

    • Platform Optimization: AI can recommend the best platforms and times to publish your videos, increasing the chances of reaching your target audience when they’re most active. 
    • Automated Scheduling: AI can schedule video releases and social media posts to ensure a consistent and efficient content distribution strategy.
    • Tools that specialize in these features include Hootsuite and Buffer.

Chatbots and Interactive Content

    • Interactive Videos: AI-powered interactive elements in videos can enable viewers to engage with the content, answer quizzes, make choices and receive personalized recommendations. BMW is a great example of this capability, allowing viewers to explore the features of their new car models through an interactive social ad campaign.
    • Chatbots: AI-driven chatbots can engage with viewers in real-time, answering questions and guiding them to relevant content or actions.
    • Localization: AI can adapt videos to local cultural nuances, ensuring your message resonates with diverse audiences. Think Airbnb, Uber, McDonald’s and Nike. 

With the rapid rate of emerging technology, it can be overwhelming to determine where exactly to start. There’s so much to learn and by the time you understand the basics, you often realize that some things have already changed. At Studio Sage, we’re always ready to adapt and we’re excited to share our experience in leveraging AI as a workflow gamechanger: 

AI-powered Scriptwriting

As mentioned above, AI can help writers with new ideas, revise old scripts and even write more complex dialogue. However, it’s important to remember that regardless of the time saved, this still requires a bit of finessing with a human touch to avoid  an overly robotic or technical script. It’s important to add authenticity and warmth in order to drive home your key messages and create a connection  with your  target audience.

AI-powered Post-production

One of the tools that Sage has been using lately is Autopod, an AI plugin for Premiere Pro that edits multicam sequences very quickly. A 45-minute podcast interview can be cut in a matter of minutes — all it needs is to identify the people associated with each camera and audio track. We’ve used this tool on a number of our podcast projects over the past few months and it speeds up the post-production process by several hours! 

AI-powered Transcriptions

Adobe Premiere Pro’s updated AI transcription capabilities has allowed our team to quickly turn around transcripts for general sessions, client interviews and testimonials, expediting the delivery process to our clients.

AI-powered Color-matching: 

Also one of Adobe Premiere Pro’s features, Adobe Sensei technology has helped our team color match between different on-set cameras. By using AI to help color match the cameras, it helps us save time on the color grading process and allows us to provide polished videos even faster.  

This is only the beginning of the benefits  of AI in video production, and  just a few ways Studio Sage is using it today. Another important aspect of leveraging AI is that it has the capability to improve video marketing analytics by tracking viewer engagement — identifying insightful patterns and trends to optimize future video marketing initiatives. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how AI can supercharge your team’s workflow while balancing the essential human touch, give us a shout! We’re all about emerging tech and how it creates value for our clients. 

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