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Thoughts - November 9, 2020

Studio Sage’s Guide for What To Wear On-Screen



Thoughts Thoughts

Whether you’re recording content at home or in a (virtual) studio environment, it is important to prepare and plan for a physical presence that will make you feel confident in achieving a polished, professional outcome. The following tips serve as a guide to assist you in maximizing the success of your on-screen experience.


Avoid wearing:

  • Green — Including bright green, olive, moss or khaki.
  • Patterns — Checked, tartan, fine pinstripes and all other fancy patterns.
  • Logos or brand names — These can be distracting to the viewer.


  • Dresses — If you wear a dress, you’ll want to make sure there is somewhere we can secure a lapel microphone to. Belt loops or inside pockets work well for this.
  • Pant/Trouser length — When you’re on video full screen the whole of you can be seen. Think about your bottom half and how your trousers hang.
  • Glasses — if you wear glasses and have contact lenses, wear the latter. If contact lenses are not an option, we can work around it.
  • Shoes — A nice clean polished shoe is perfect whether it’s heels, flats, trainers. Avoid patent leather or any shoe that you can see your reflection.
  • Jewelry — Avoid large jewelry or jewelry that is overly reflective and shiny.
  • Unruly or frizzy hair — Tie it up or make sure it is fixed back away from your face.
  • Makeup — Lighting can easily wash you out. We encourage the use of makeup regardless if you are male or female. If you sweat slightly, have a towel on hand to avoid a shiny face look.
Additional Considerations
  • Rehearsal: Conduct a rehearsal to get comfortable with the content you are speaking about.
  • Distractions: Remember to turn off your phone.
  • Tone: Your audience will easily pick up on your tone. Try to be authentic, friendly and conversational.
  • Hot tip: If you’re presenting in the morning, drink room temperature beverages to help warm up your voice.

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