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Thoughts - February 20, 2024

5 Impactful Video Marketing Campaigns for Black History Month



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We find ourselves well into February, deep in the heart of Black History Month — a time to honor, learn and amplify the narratives often sidelined or overlooked. Video marketing has become a powerful avenue for advocacy, storytelling and cultural representation. With narratives that resonate and visuals that captivate, video campaigns hold the power to spark conversations, heighten awareness and foster empathy.

Let’s press play on five impactful campaigns that have made waves during Black History Month.


1. Nike

In a landscape dominated by visual content, Nike’s Black History Month “History Shakers” tribute stands tall as a beacon of impactful storytelling. Against a backdrop of historical and contemporary triumphs, this video ad celebrates the resilience and determination of Black athletes who have broken records, shattered barriers and redefined what’s possible. From Jesse Owens to Serena Williams, the video encapsulates the legacy of Black excellence in sports and beyond. 

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2. Peloton 

Through a blend of audiovisual elements such as voiceover and text overlay, this ad shines a spotlight on Black Peloton instructors and users, resonating with authenticity and empowerment. From the seamless juxtaposition of professional footage to intimate home recordings, this video ad creates a tapestry of experiences that reflect the diverse fitness journey of Black athletes. 

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3. Google

 Once again, Google strikes a chord with a captivating commercial paying homage to Black voices and creativity. Celebrating the ‘most searched’ Black individuals in various fields, this video ad showcases diverse representation and fosters a sense of connection through evocative scenes and text overlay.

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4. Hulu

Set against a backdrop of compelling vignettes from Hulu shows, this commercial celebrates the rich tapestry of Black actors on the platform, affirming Hulu’s dedication to representation. Utilizing video clips from their content, Hulu drives home the message of diversity and inclusivity. 

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5. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren unveiled a captivating commercial that pays homage to the beauty, resilience, and creativity of the Black community. What sets this video apart is not just its message, but also its attention to detail — particularly in the choice of setting. The commercial was filmed at the historic Akwaaba Mansion, a renowned bed and breakfast in Brooklyn, New York. As a historic landmark owned by a Black entrepreneur, the mansion embodies resilience, creativity, and achievement; themes that resonate deeply with the overarching message of the commercial.

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These five campaigns eloquently showcase the depth and diversity of Black voices, through rich storytelling, authentic representation, and strategic settings that leave a lasting impact. For brands looking to honor the past while paving the way toward a more inclusive future, video is an ideal medium to tell the stories that will inspire today and shape tomorrow. 

About the author

Becca Zarchy

Associate Marketing Manager

As Associate Marketing Manager at EA Collective, Becca leads efforts to create and curate content across Agency EA, Storyhorse, and Studio Sage.