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The MARC Summit

Catalyst, Inc.

Studio Sage partnered with Agency EA to produce Catalyst’s inaugural virtual MARC Summit.

The virtual program took place over two days and reached 1K+ registrants on a global scale. We supported the management of 42 session speakers and creation of over 14 hours of content — both live and pre-recorded segments. 

“Each member of the team was someone we could trust and rely on, who spoke our language, and advocated for us. They represented the MARC mission and vision as though it were their own. From tech support to confidence-building cheerleading, they made everyone feel at ease and ready to deliver their best, at every stage of the process.” – Alixandra Pollack, Vice President, MARC

Services Provided

  • Studio Facilities & Equipment:
    • Primary Control Room
    • Presenter Kits
    • Webinar Stations 
    • Audio Booth
  • Services Provided:
    • Speaker management
    • Technical checks 
    • Presenter Kit management and logistic oversight
    • Pre-record of show content 
    • Run-of-show planning and management
    • ISO records 
    • Post-production supervision 
  • Program Components:
    • Online streaming through webinars, fireside chats
    • Simulive programming through both live and pre-recorded content